Things perhaps you never knew about Captain America

Civil War is unarguably one of the greatest comic book movies we have had in quite a long time. The videos were backed with amazing moments that we never thought of watching before. From the best comic book action to some of the remarkable performances, Captain America Civil War is everything that movie lovers wanted to see. It has been one year since the movie came, and we even saw another movie from the league like Logan and Spider Man: Homecoming, but this one remained one of the best ever.

Directed by Anthony Soe and brothers Joe, this movie is more of a follow up to the Captain America: Winter Soldier. Six super heroes from different walks of life were seen coming together to make this movie more interesting.
So, here is what made the movie so great:

The best opening
The opening week of the film gathered $181.8 million, and of course, it had all the reasons to be a hit. Even though it’s a Captain America movie, it features almost every Avenger in it. Seeing Spiderman in his new suit made the movie more appealing than ever. Tony Stark made him a new suit of armor, and we got to see the entire team working to bring Spiderman in the team. The chemistry of Tony Stark and Spiderman came as the crowd winner is this movie and we will surely like to watch that again and again.

The Motorcycle Stunt of the Winter Soldier
Although it is a small moment in the movie, still we can’t get over the scene. It acted like the crowd pleasure with enormous hooting inside the theater. The special showy effect couples with stunt works that remind us how interesting it can be to see Winter Soldier fighting. Just these few minutes have made us want him see in action again and again.

Best Spiderman ever
According to us, Tom Holland has been the most amazing spider man till date. His chemistry with Tony Stark has been one of the most interesting ones. A lot of fun had been added to the movie with their presence. Perhaps it was their humorous chemistry online that made the duo appear in the next movie of the series Spider Man: Homecoming. Tony Stark was undoubtedly, the best mentor Spiderman could ever have.

Black Panther
Chadwick Boseman playing the Black Panther in Civil War is one of the characters that we can never get over. Pink Panther joins the Iron Man’s side after his father dies. In the further part, his connection with Scarlett Jhonson was seen getting stronger, and that was quite a show for those who liked some light weighted action.

Captain America: Civil War is perhaps one of those movie that will keep engaging its audience for years. If you have not watched the movie yet, we would advise you to grab some popcorn and watch the movie this weekend. We would also like to hear from you, what parts did you like in this movie.